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  1. Hybrid Plasma Scalpel
    Hybrid Plasma Scalpel
    The Canady Vieira Hybrid Plasma Scalpel, the first FDA-approved device that offers the smallest depth of injury, the least amount of blood loss, and the fastest recovery time - saving hospitals and patients thousands or dollars while improving care and outcomes
  2. Cold Plasma
    Cold Plasma
    Revolutionary technology that selectively eradicated cancer cells in a stage four inoperable cancer patient. Additional trials are being scheduled in the coming months that are expected to confirm the results achieved in the first surgery.
  3. Robo Surgery
    Robo Surgery
    The smallest, most nimble robotic surgery system that will put the surgeon close to the patient, but still provide the precision of a computer. The development of the prototype is moving forward at lightening speed. Stay tuned for announcement of the details and formal launch date.
  4. Endo Probes
    Endo Probes
    The Canady straight-fired and side-fired endo probes, when saving 30% is a good thing while equaling or surpassing the competition's quality.