Against All Odds Productions
Market-focused Filmmaking
Start with an underserved market
Develop a great concept that will resonate and elicit a response
Write a great script
Attach a great director
Cast the hell out of it
Create an innovative marketing plan that uses all avenues to reach your target
Meet The Team
  1. Howard Sherman
    Serial entrepreneur, never content to do it "the way it's supposed to be done". Every film has a plan well beyond the film...
  2. Julia Eisenman
    Great, great, great granddaughter of Charles Darwin (we just had to name drop), Julia headed production on such classics as "Meet The Fockers", "Fifty First Dates", and "Hotel Rwanda"
  3. Sela Ward
    Double Emmy-winning actress who appeared in such classics as "The Fugitive", "Gone Girl" and the upcoming sequel to "Independence Day". Sela is the in-house insurance policy assuring actor friendly productions and crisp/sharp dialogue.
  4. SSF Capital
    Special purpose entity funded by high net worth individuals who support the plan to make films that address the needs of the market as opposed to films that need to find a market.